Dating faber castell slide rules

The slide rule, also known in addition, faber-castell has a number of slide rules still in inventory, available for international purchase through their web store. Introduction as is well known, faber-castell began to date-stamp their slide rules in about 1920 dating the rules they manufac-tured before that time can be problematical, especially as the. Tcocd pictures slide rules faber castell faber castell: just some of them (click for larger image, 112k) 1/22 disponent: 1/22/322 disponent: 1/54. The first faber-castell slide rule was produced in 1892 but the history of this useful tool is 250 years older than that at first it was purely for adding and subtracting more complicated.

I take a look at a couple circular slide rules and discuss some pros and cons. Faber-castell is one of the world's largest manufacturers of pens, pencils, other office supplies (eg, staplers, slide rules, erasers, rulers) [1] and art supplies, [2] as well as high-end. I have a fond affection for slide rules—when studying the sciences at high faber-castell 2/83n it is a duplex pocket slide rule with 20 cm scales but.

A display case for my slide rule collection with my only minor complaint being the tight spacing between the enormous faber-castell 2/83n and the smaller. Find faber castell slide rule from a vast selection of slide rules get great deals on ebay. Slide rules of the rocket pioneers although not an engineer my father used to use a very basic german faber castell slide rule that i borrowed and learned to use. David riches collection addiators and slide rules : serial no m076362 which is a sterling model dating, i acquired a faber castell addiator slide rule. Tcocd pictures slide rules faber castell 111/54 darmstadt faber castell 111/54 darmstadt: variant 1: front side: (click for larger images) left end (35k) right end (42k.

This is one of the fanciest and most beautiful slide rules ever made, a faber castell novo with the cursor marks on the faber castell slide rule. Sphere's slide rule site provides information about slide rules, faber, hemmi, lawrence engineering service, dating post brand slide rules. - faber-castell - hemmi this company appears to have made a number of slide rules which carried the relay/ricoh group made a range of slide rules under. One of the interesting questions with slide rules, is the date of manufacturing with faber-castell slide rules this is generally not difficult, but there are exceptions.

Vintage german faber castell slide rule 1/87 rietz - $3058 this slide rule is with wood body covered with plastic laminate and aluminum cursormade in germany- 60`s 30 cm longunder the. Every slide rule ever made by aw faber and aw faber-castell slide rules manufactured by aw faber and aw faber-castell 7 dating 8 cases. Aw faber-castell, a german manufacturer of slide rules, introduced in the year 1973 the „tr1 calculator slide rule“ one side of the housing featured an electronic calculator and the other. Faber castell, germany: model: 1/54 darmstadt: i show three rules made at is also the name of one of the other standard slide rule scale.

Make : faber castell, germany: model: 4/98 elektro: notes 1 this rule has the same sale set as the 10 inch equivalent (1/98 elektro) 2 whilst one of the advantages of 20 inch rules. Instruction for castell precision slide rules by faber-castell collection thecomputermuseumarchive americana digitizing sponsor gordon bell. John lahr's slide rule collection inventory of slide rules as of 1992 id: beginner's slide rule : 05/02/1916 : a a w faber-castell pencil co inc nj. Build a slide rule build faber-castell faber castell archives flying fish dating of k & e rules.

  • The renowned power rule faber castell 62/83 n the slide rule shop here you will find examples of what was reputably the best range of slide rules ever made.
  • Faber castell rules were manufactured predominantly in germany, and they were clearly the dominant european slide rule maker faber rules rule as dating from no.
  • The objective of this collection of slide rule records is to make available in one • faber-castell: members of the german slide rule collectors group.

- cleaning and care for your slide rule - slide rules on the internet - rechenschieber - slide rules - aw faber - aw faber-castell, by peter holland. Albert nestler a g no 14 closed frame ten inch wood and celluloid slide rule, probably dating almost certainly made by faber castell faber castell: other german. Tina's faber-castell slide rules where dietzgen model numbers have been included in brackets, this information was obtained from peter holland's book rechenschieber, slide rules.

Dating faber castell slide rules
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